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Below are some helpful spiritual links to assist you in your daily journey with Christ.


Coptic Hymns provides recordings and lyrics of Coptic hymns for all seasons of the Church. Click here for English resources of Coptic hymns.

Sermons is the place for the largest selection of English and Arabic sermons. You'll find several different speakers that discuss a wide range of topics. 

Coptic Reader

Coptic Reader is a mobile application that contains translations of all the prayer books of the Coptic Orthodox Church in English, Coptic, and Arabic.

St. Moses Bookstore

St. Moses Bookstore provides many different items and resources. You'll find English and Arabic books, CDs, DVDs, church items, and various other items for purchase.

Coptic Orthodoxy provides great resources on the faith, history, theology, rites, sacraments, and much more on the ancient Coptic Orthodox Church.

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