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Services During COVID-19

Following the new guidelines for Colorado state please note the changes below. 

Number of attendees increased: 

All Sunday services are from 7:00 AM MT until 9:00 AM MT while all other service days remain from 9:00 AM MT to 11:00AM  MT.

Attending inside church is allowed for 25 people + 4 Decanons + Abona 

Attending from the parking lot is still available, below are 3 different signups URLs

Option 1: To attend inside church: (sign up one time only every other week unless you find untaken slots the day before the service.

Deacons - Please click on the link below to sign up for serving and taking communion.

Option 2 : to wait in your car in the park facing church and taking communion.

The instructions below are consistent with the Colorado state guideline “safer at home” phase, please adhere to the instructions: 

Please also note the latest Colorado state guidelines by clicking the link below:

It's preferable for the household members to attend together at one time

All services will be at Saint Herman church located (991 W Prentice ave, littleton,CO, 80120).  

Highly recommended guidelines:

People of age 65 and up are safer at home, if you choose to attend a liturgy please sign up on the wednesdays (Wednesday is dedicated mainly for seniors) .

People with pre medical conditions or compromised immunity of any age are safer at home and should not be in any social gathering.

Your attendance and participation in holy communion is your personal choice and the church will not be held liable if you get sick, attending the church will be an automatic waiver of the church liability.  

Who must not attend?

Anyone who has cold or flu symptoms or in doubt that he/she might have a cold or the flu.covied-19. Until your  medical doctor informs you that you are safe to be incontact with others. 

Anyone who was out of state during the last 2 weeks. That person must wait at least 14 days before he can attend the service.

Anyone tested positive for covied-19 or in doubt that he/she might have it. A medical doctor should confirm that the person is safe to be in contact with other people. 

Anyone who was in contact with a flu patient in the two weeks prior to the service date. 

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